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Unwanted items were >90% of Yesterday's Email.
Dispatches From The Front Lines ...
Fake CIA Sextorion ScamPermalinkPosted on March 19, 2019 at 01:08 PM

Here's a new one I saw today. It claims to come from someone at the CIA who has advanced knowledge of an international pedophilia case they're supposedly working on. The recipient's email address and details were found in the course of their "investigation." This fellow has access to the files and will scrub them of your info for a $10,000 bribe (in BitCoin, of course).

CIA Sextortion Scam Email

The From: address is tu-odom@hccz.gov-cia.tk, disguising as a Turkish-based CIA office, I suppose. Phony baloney.

In any case, this letter is well crafted, and will probably raise the adrenalin of many recipients, especially those who participate in that kind of illegal stuff on the Internet. Despite all the colorful CIA seals at the bottom of the letter, this one is from a crook in his bedroom or ramshackle apartment in a far away land.